Cocktail Cookbook by Oskar Kinberg: beautiful and inspiring

Oskar Kinberg's Cocktail Cookbook makes for inspiring reading.

Do you make cocktails at home? I do. I keep the spirit cupboard well stocked and always have the ingredients for my favourite tipples (Martini, Negroni, Kir Royale) in large bottles then top up with small bottles for concoctions I have less often (Margarita, Manhattan). Cocktails add a sense of

#BloggersXmas at Kilderkin


Amy and Caroline went to the Kilderkin to get inspiration for Christmas gifts.

Love Tiki barware showed off the cute, the bling and the funky. If you need glasses, measures – anything cocktail-related – these guys have you covered with individual items and gift packs. I want the totem pole shot mugs; my friend R. needs pineapple shot glasses. (Keep an eye out for the gin club coming later this year.) Continue reading