About Edinburgh Foody

What we do

We’re passionate about food. We write about ingredients, cooking, producers, baking, brewing, restaurants and chefs, often with an Edinburgh-centric or Scottish flavour. Founded in 2010, Edinburgh Foody continues that passion. We’re interested in all aspects of food and drink, and the companies and people involved in the industry.

How we work

We accept products and books to review and competition prizes. We are often invited to visit restaurants, bars and events by owners and PR companies. However, our views are our own and we reserve the right not to add a review. If we’ve accepted an invitation to review, you will see a note to confirm this at the end of the post.

Who we are

Danielle founded Discover the Taste in 2003 and ran the company for 4 years taking fellow foodies behind the scenes wherever there was good food: restaurants, delis, farms, bakeries, etc. She set up Edinburgh Foody to continue that passion. Caroline von Schmalensee joined her as a writer soon after. Since then, we’ve had a number of people writing with us. Amy Brewer joined next, and when Danielle moved away from Edinburgh in 2015, Nicki and Kerry joined the team.


The third recruit to Edinburgh Foody, Amy enjoys anything that involves craft beer, pulled pork, burgers or street food – although she has been known to swap her chip fork for a posh frock on occasion. Former soupmonger at Union of Genius, Amy now obsesses over Mara Seaweed for a living and drums with indie rock pop outfit The Alibis by night.


Caroline writes technical documents for a living, blogs for fun and works on the next great British fantasy novel in her free time. She’s interested in wine, whisky and cocktails, adores fish and seafood, loves cheese and steak tartare. Caroline’s a quick-fix sceptic but does subscribe to Micheal Pollan’s philosophy: “eat food. N ot too much. Mostly vegetables.”


Working in communications during the day, by night, Kerry is a self-confessed culture vulture and foodie, and can be found lapping up anything culinary or to do with the arts. She’s has a particular love of Scotland’s national drink and is on a mission to ensure all her friends do too. She’s also set herself a few challenges this year – to try 50 new Edinburgh restaurants or cafes she hasn’t eaten in before, to ‘up’ her cooking skills by taking a number of food related courses and to continue wowing her colleagues with her baking prowess, even though she doesn’t necessarily eat them herself. When not blogging for Edinburgh Foody, you’ll also find her writing about theatre and the Fringe for TVBomb.


Chief chatterbox and Mum on the run! Nicki is a foodie at heart and is in constant search for the best scone in Edinburgh, but in their absence she always has a secret stash of dark chocolate to get through the day.


Having trained as a professional baker in France in 2014, it is fair to say she is obsessed with bread. She loves meeting people who create food whether chefs or producers and spends most holidays in pursuit of food in one form or another. She is now based in Gloucestershire where she runs Severn Bites. Follow her as Breadbakerdani on Twitter.


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